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My ELP has been outstanding from start to finish! I submitted my info on and was contacted the next morning. They gave me an incredible quote for home and auto insurance within a day or so after that. The neat thing about it is I received my updated home owners policy from my prior carrier that same week, and the bill was going to be $250 more per year if I stuck with them. Luckily I found my ELP in time because they saved me over $1040 this coming year! My ELP rocks! Thank you so much!

- J. Snead

Natalie was wonderful! Very helpful, responsive, knowledgeable. Very nice, even when I wasn't so nice about my previous provider. I am extremely happy with my decision to move my insurance. I have told many, many people and plan to keep spreading the word. Once again, another positive experience with a Dave Ramsey ELP!

- K. Weese

Red Rock Insurance provided great service. I have already referred a friend who was very pleased as well.

- F. Corbin

Was overall impressed with service products of my insurance ELP

- R. Davis

I was looking for homeowners insurance that was good but at a better rate than I have. My ELP helped me save 534 in insurance a year. It was great.

- C. Keen

Prompt; friendly; explained reasons why it benefited me to have additional coverage

- Albert H.

Henry Glover of Red Rock Insurance is absolutely AMAZING. He truly did have the heart of a teacher, and took Daves recommendations very seriously. Come to find out, we did not have the level of protection we needed, per Daves recommendations, and Henry was able to find us policy quotes for the correct level of coverage for just slightly more than what we paid last year. I have already recommended him to several other people. Dave TRULY would be proud of this ELP.

- Amanda H.

Great service. Trey was also willing to work with me primarily through email which was a huge advantage for me because I am a working mother who works from more than one office.

- M. Hower

The ELP was helpful in getting the coverage that I desired and needed. I am obtaining insurance through this ELP. It was a pleasant experience.

- M. McEachern

My experience with Red Rock Insurance was right on point. They were able to help me find better coverage, better rates and give me peace of mind. I felt comfortable and informed all of the time. Finally and insurance company who had my best interests! Thanks!

- A. Weigel

Contact was immediate. conversations mostly by email which moved the conversation quickly and smoothly. I write in the evening when I get off work, have answer in the 9am morning. have mail in the afternoon or morning and I can answer after work. the process was not like pulling teeth. a good connection.

- P. Davis

He did have the heart of a teacher. I had quite a few questions and he took the time to go over all of them and explain several options that I had. I was very pleased.

- B. Grauel

Very friendly Seems to know his product and very knowledgeable of what the consumer is looking for.

- W. Tibbs

Trey McKinney was fantastic! He Truly turned me on to the ELP program and I will use one every chance i have!

- B. Shanahan

I chose to use an ELP due to faith I have gained in Dave from is radio broadcast. I felt that this would lead me to an honest professional. I am very happy with the agent and have settled on an insurance plan. On the 16th of this month I am swapping my auto and home policy to him.

- S. Robinson

Natalie Glover did all that I asked and more! She saved me over 1000.00 on my insurance needs and I knew that it could not be done but she did it! Thanks Natalie and Thank You Dave

- L. Phillips

Would have had confidence in Mr. Glover based on our conversations but knowing that he is an elp and his praise of Mr. Ramsey convince me even more.

- G. Luckebaugh

I had a great experience with this ELP. I ended up saving over 350 dollars a year and still ended up with better coverage. There were parts of my home and auto policy that I did not truly understand and your ELP helped me through the process. I would definitely use this ELP again.

- B. Harbin

The ELP was very helpful in explaining the details on the different types of insurance I'm interested in. He gave me suggestions and options to save money and increase coverage.

- Carol R.

Excellent customer service! Extremely kind and listens well to my concerns and wishes while still able to gently direct me to the right coverages.

- C. Langston

Not five minutes after submitting my request for an ELP, he called. He was very helpful, prompt and answered any questions I had before I even asked them. I was given the run around by another large insurance company and then remembered hearing about the ELP’s on Dave’s show and was blown away by the service I received!

- J. Perry

All, Thank you for directing me to Henry Glover at Red Rock Insurance Group, LLC in Birmingham, AL. Henry called back quickly after I submitted my request for an ELP on the Dave Ramsey Web site and he proved to be an invaluable resource as I learned about and shopped for renter's insurance. Henry was very patient and he carefully explained to me the options, terminology, and structure of renter's insurance policies. He quickly and completely answered all my detailed questions and even directed me to outside/independent informational sources to provide more background and examples when explaining topics. Henry remained patient and communicative while I considered all my options, and I greatly appreciated his flexibility and sustained attention throughout my shopping process. Henry even taught me several valuable lessons on securing adequate car insurance, too, given my unique working situation (I live in one state but work and usually "garage"--a new term I learned--my car in another state as a contractor). Henry is a skilled teacher and a true advocate for his clients. I am highly satisfied with my experience and have shared the lessons I learned with family members, friends, coworkers, etc. I feel secure in my coverage choices because of Henry's help and I am really excited to have a renter's insurance policy in place. I will definitely contact Henry again for my insurance needs, as well as other Dave Ramsey ELPs in other industries. Great experience. Thanks a million.

- A. Schlein

My experience was beneficial and this agent has the clients best interest at heart.

- H. Ellison

I can't say enough about Henry Glover. He was fantastic. He answered all of my questions and helped me with some insurance for my grandmother also. He even told me that she should stay where she is because he couldn't get her a better deal. He put our needs above his needs to make a commission. When I asked him about a jewelry policy I had heard good things about that was better than a rider on a homeowners policy he did additional research and called me to tell me what he had found out. When it turned out that this was better coverage for less money with a very long standing reputable company, he started working toward offering this coverage and I will be buying it from him when he is finished getting setup. Overall this was just an incredible experience and a breath of fresh air after the last agent I was dealing with. I will be recommending him to everyone I know and look forward to a long business relationship with him. Thank you!

- J. Williams

My ELP was extremely helpful and prompt. He is knowledgeable about his products and quickly got me the information I needed.

- Valerie V.

I found your ELP to be truthful, friendly and extremely competent. I was in a bad situation due to a house on the market and unscrupulous insurers. He helped me find what I needed and taught me what I needed to know. Dave should be proud to have Henry as an ELP. Thanks!

- Sunny G.

My ELP showed interest in hearing what it was that I needed from him and was quick to respond with wonderful suggestions and answers to my concens. Getting professional help from Mr. Glover was very refreshing. Usually when you call someone for quotes or info they act like you're wasting their time if you're not actually going to purchase anything but Mr. Glover was not like that at all and whenever I had questions he was quick to respond. That is not very common in today's society. I have already referred Mr. Glover to a few friends because he is so great and I know he will treat them just like he treated me. Im so glad that he was able to assist me in my insurance needs. I saved a bunch of money. Thanks Dave Ramsey!!!!

- Theresa E.

I have talked with henry several times over the phone and have met with him. I am very confident with his understanding of what we want and his knowledge of insurance. He has saved us some money but most important he has helped us understand questions about insurance that we have never been answered. He is very savvy. We have switched ALL our insurance with him. He has worked hard on getting us better insurance to protect us and we got extra lucky by saving money as well. Henry Glover is a great person. We look forward to many years of service with him.

- P. Grap

He was very informative. I appreciate his knowledge. The knowledge I gained made me examine my other insurance providers. I was able to organize important information and read all of my policys. I feel so much more secure. I have recommended my family go to the web page and put in their zip code. My family and I are a big Dave Ramsey fan. We are all striving to be debt free. I have listen to other financial advisors but found Dave Ramsey much more practical for me. I feel he really talks to the average person. Thank you again for sending me the ELP.

- J. Culpepper