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Why should I use an independent agent instead of an agent that works directly for one
An agent that works for one company is not working for you. Their job is to tell you the benefits of their company and hope that you like their price.

As an independent agency, we give you access to multiple companies that can deliver the insurance products and claim service you need. We work to make the coverage, company and price meet your insurance and financial goals. We represent you, the insured.
Do the companies you represent pay claims?
YES, we only represent companies that maintain strong ratings in both their financial stability and claim experience.
Who do I call if I need customer service?
You can contact us by calling 205-970-2187. Please visit the �Customer Service� page and �Our Team� page.
How do I file a claim?

You can file a claim by calling your carriers 24/7 claim hotline or file a claim online. Please visit our Carriers page and click on your Carriers logo.


Once your claim has been opened your agent will automatically be notified of the claim and can help guarantee a smooth process.

Will you shop my renewal?
At any time we can shop your insurance. Remember every carrier rates, claims, accidents, tickets and other factors are different. If you would like us to shop your insurance feel free to call your agent or our office and we will be happy to review your coverage and shop your prices.
Can I change my insurance to you before my renewal?
Yes, once you purchase insurance from us we will handle cancelling your old insurance policies to guarantee you do not have a lapse in coverage and you receive a refund from your old company for any unused premiums.
Why does Dave Ramsey Endorse you?
  • We have the heart of a teacher
  • We put the client�s needs first
  • We help clients based on Dave Ramsey�s principals
  • We are an Independent Insurance Agency actively marketing policies from multiple carriers.

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